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At EnviroHomes we pride ourselves in creating luxury low energy homes, extensions and schools. All of which are built in our factory just outside of The Lake District.


As a business our commitment is to our customers, we strive to exceed every customer’s expectations of the finished product that we create.


EnviroHomes create products of the future. Your building, extension, loft conversion is built in our factory and transported to your site. This means that there is minimal disruption on site and your new building could be in place within a day!


We can finish your project to the specification that you wish, which means that we can paint the walls, fit the floors and even have the light bulbs in place when we crane your building into place.


EnviroHomes also supply Vacupor Vacuum Insulation, which is the most thermally efficient, third party accredited, ultra thin insulation material on the market in the UK. The panels can be used in any element of a building. They can significantly reduce the thickness of insulation required to allow a project to comply with Building Regulations.


EnviroHomes strongly believe that the quality of our products is increased by our work force. We employ all our own craftsmen; many of whom have carried our apprenticeships with the company. We continue to invest in our people and the equipment that they need to make a superb quality product.


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